Where are the clothes dry cleaned?

All items, clothes, and larger, are cleaned at our main plant in Ladson, S.C.

What is the dry cleaning process?

Moncks Corner Dry Cleaners uses hydrocarbon as its cleaning solvent. It is an eco-friendly solvent designed to leave no carbon footprint with fantastic cleaning results.

What items cannot be dry cleaned?

The only uncleanable items are those with care labels that say “SPOT CLEAN ONLY. DO NOT WASH, DO NOT DRY CLEAN, DO NOT APPLY STEAM.” If you have one of these items that you cannot clean come see us, we will do our best to use our 24 years of dry cleaning experience to safely and creatively clean the garments.

What type of rugs do we clean?

We clean all rug materials and types including but not limited to, antique Oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, linen, cotton, polyester and antique tapestries.

Are there any materials we cannot clean?

No. We have the expertise to clean almost any material in our local plant. For the few that need other machinery we have dedicated contractors we send items to and will discuss with you before the service is complete.

What process do you use to clean rugs and drapery?

At Moncks Corner Dry Cleaners we provide an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution for all of our larger specialty items. The cleaning solutions are free of hazardous chemicals that are safe to use around children and pets. Our cleaning processes produce zero carbon emissions and therefore no carbon footprint.

How long is the cleaning process for items such as rugs/drapery?

It averages about 1-2 weeks for the complete cleaning process for larger items such as rugs and drapery.

What is the cost of having a rug cleaned?

Rugs are charged by the square foot.

What is the cost of having drapery cleaned?

Drapery is charged by the square foot. Cost per square foot depends on what type of drapery it is. Such as lined or unlined, and various other Designed characteristics of the drapery.

Do you clean leather/suede items?

We take in all leather/suede items for cleaning. Some of those items we can clean inhouse at our main plant; however some leather/suede items we send out to a third party for cleaning. We will discuss the best option with you at drop-off.

Do you have an express service for last minute needs? Cost?

We always do our best to work with our customers when we can. Most times when we satisfy emergency cases we try not to upcharge because of the sensitivity of the emergency.