Fluff & Fold

Fluff & Fold

Fluff & fold-Laundry Service

Hate doing laundry? Out of time? Let us help!

Want to get back the extra 8-10 hours a week you spend on doing laundry?

Have us pick up and deliver for FREE. We will pick up your laundry right from your front door and deliver it back to you, clean, folded, and ready to wear! If you can fit it in our subscription bag, it will be processed…all for $50.00 per bag per week!

If your laundry needs are not in high enough demand for our subscription service, we also offer fluff and fold by the pound for individual case-by-case needs.

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(843) 761-8441

REMEMBER: We are priced by the bag, not by the pound!!! If it fits, it will be cleaned.

This service and monthly subscription rate are based on your everyday laundry. We are more than happy to take care of your other items such as comforters, draperies, tablecloths, etc. Call us for details on pricing for those items, if they don’t fit in your bag or if they aren’t machine washable.

***Disclaimer: You are responsible for checking all pockets prior to putting your bag outside for pick up.